Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron scores 1,000th point in win over Lightning

By Ramya


How many goals has Patrice Bergeron scored in his career? 

Patrice Bergeron's career NHL stats.400 goals. 582 assists. 982 points.

How many assists does Bergeron have? 

Bergeron now has 18 goals and 22 assists on the season.

Is Bergeron a Hall of Famer? 

The 37-year-old center is one of the greatest players in team history, destined to have his No. 37 hang in the rafters at TD Garden and be enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Bergeron has spent his entire 19-year career in Boston -- a total of 1,396 games (as of Wednesday), including the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Who gave Patrice Bergeron a concussion? 

Defenseman Randy Jones27, 2007 against the Philadelphia Flyers. Defenseman Randy Jones hit Bergeron from behind into the end wall. Bergeron missed the rest of the season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a Grade 3 concussion.

What is a Bergeron? 

Bergeron is a surname of French origin. The name Bergeron may be derived from the Old German word berg, meaning hill or mountain. It may also be derived from the old French berger, meaning shepherd.

Does Bergeron have a concussion? 

Bergeron has a history of concussions. He sustained four of them over six seasons from 2007 to 2013 and has been outspoken about their effects. “When you go to the boards like that, obviously, there's a residual effect,” Cassidy said. “Obviously, the first thing you think of is his head, shoulders, etc.”

Did Bergeron win a Stanley Cup? 

Bergeron is a member of the Triple Gold Club after winning the Stanley Cup with Boston in 2011. He scored two goals, including the Stanley Cup-winning goal, in Game 7 away against the Vancouver Canucks.