Bruce Lee may have died from drinking too much water, new study suggests; is overhydration harmful?

BY Ramya


Did Bruce Lee remove his glands? 

Several months before his death, Lee had an operation to remove the sweat glands from his armpits, because he thought dank pits looked bad on-screen. This reduced his body's ability to dissipate heat.

Did Bruce Lee die from an allergic reaction? 

Bruce Lee's official cause of death was swelling of the brain caused by an allergic reaction to a headache medication, although some considered the circumstances of his death mysterious. He died in Hong Kong on July 20, 1973, six days before the release of his film Enter the Dragon there.

How fast was Bruce Lee's hands? 

When Bruce Lee was at a distance of three feet away, he could react and punch in just five-hundredths of a second. That is 0.05 of one second. Bruce had to slow himself down on screen because the cameras couldn't even detect his speedy punches.

Was Bruce Lee healthy? 

Bruce Lee was very obviously healthy and fit, but his perspective on health was that to be truly healthy our mind, body, and spirit must be healthy. Being a martial artist, Bruce worked on his physical aspect of fighting, but also examined his emotional and mental bodies and how they were in a fight.

What was Bruce Lee diet? 

He liked to eat beef in oyster sauce, shrimp, chicken, vegetables, rice and noodles, but on the whole, he was not a fan of sugar or refined carbohydrates such as bread, cakes or biscuits, as they are “empty calories” and do nothing for the body, according to The Art of Expressing The Human Body, a classic Bruce Lee ...

How did Bruce Lee damage his spine? 

Bruce Lee Facts. FACT: Bruce Lee injured his back causing damage to his sacral nerve in 1970. The injury was due to overtraining and lifting too heavy during "Good Mornings", a weight training exercise, not during a fight as many people believe.

Who has the fastest hand? 

With his 44 mph punch, Chicagoan Keith Liddell joins these Guinness Book of World Records all stars.