Bears QB Justin Fields (left shoulder) inactive vs. Jets 

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Fields, who was diagnosed with epilepsy in the ninth grade, takes medication to manage the neurological condition. Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported Fields does not have seizures while he's taking medication.

What is Justin Fields medical condition?

Stat: Fields is consistently the fastest QB in the NFL According to Next Gen Stats, Fields reached just over 20 mph during his 67-yard touchdown run on Sunday, which broke two of his Bears' franchise records.

How fast is Justin Fields mph?

Initial tests after he exited the game leaned to Fields having sustained bruised ribs, but after clean X-ray and CT scans, an MRI showed the additional issues, Rapoport added. They are small fractures and not viewed as major, so Fields should return shortly, Rapoport reported.

Does Justin field have broken ribs?

Personal life. Fields was diagnosed with epilepsy as a freshman in high school. His condition was made public during his pre-draft interviews with NFL teams in 2021. In high school, Fields had a score of 29 on his ACT and held a 3.9 grade point average 

What is Justin Fields GPA?

He's able to do that because of his elusiveness and elite athleticism. But it also was a pre-draft concern for him, though he can throw the deep ball better than many quarterbacks. Holding the ball too long can be a detriment to your line — and Fields definitely does that at times. 

Can Justin Fields throw deep?

JUSTIN FIELDS | 74 OVR The Chicago Bears drafted Justin Fields with the 11th overall pick. Fields has impressive attributes for a rookie, entering Madden NFL 22 with 90 Speed, 90 Acceleration, and 90 Agility ratings, plus 92 Throw Power.

What is Justin Fields overall in Madden 22?

Is Justin Fields Vegan? Fields went vegan back in May of 2020 when he was quarantined with his family and they set out to eat plant-based as a one-month challenge.

Is Justin Fields a vegan?