Katrina Agusti, a 19-year Carhartt veteran, takes up the IT responsibilities.


26/ 11/2022

The maker of work clothes?

The goal of maximizing AI and the company's cloud journey.

CIO six months ago?

Under former CIO John Hill, 19-year company veteran Katrina Agusti.

A transformation to maximize data?

As part of a fundamental transition to move the company's 220 apps to Microsoft Azure.

Who announced the program?

Carhartt announced its Cloud Express programe.

Carhartt won by switching to the cloud?

The enormous increases in stability, performance, uptime, maintenance.

IT tasks?

The obvious benefits of speed to market and scalability.

In the long run?

According to Agusti, Carhartt will probably adopt a multi cloud architecture, but for the time being,

She and her team are expanding ?

Their cloud expertise, in part through discussions with other CIOs about best practices.