Arrest warrant issued in Tampa for Antonio Brown 

December 2, 2022

By Ramya

Is Antonio Brown a HOF? 

Statistically, Antonio Brown is Worthy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That should be obvious, but it's worth laying down parameters when discussing someone as polarizing as Brown. Brown is NOT a clear-cut first-ballot selection based on his statistics, though some will inevitably claim he is.

Is Antonio Brown a top 10 receiver of all time? 

Brown's body of work certainly shows that he is worthy of being considered a top 10 wideout. He ranks fifth in career receiving yards per game, 21st all-time in NFL history in receptions and 24th in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

What is Antonio Brown's top speed? 

20.95 miles per hour Brown quickly accelerates to a top speed of 20.95 miles per hour. That is the fastest top speed that any Buccaneer player will reach in the entire game.

Why did Antonio Brown rip his shirt? 

It appeared to possibly be a show of frustration by Brown, who had three catches for 26 yards. He waved to the fans as he was leaving. Brown was talking to teammate Mike Evans on the sideline when he began taking off his jersey and pads

Who ended Antonio Brown's career? 

It was the receiver's fourth departure from an N.F.L. team in four seasons, and perhaps the end to his career.

How much money did Antonio Brown lose by quitting? 

By leaving, Brown missed out on approximately $1 million in bonus money he was close to attaining and a possible injury settlement if the damage is career-ending. Arians said after the game that Brown was no longer on the team, but later expressed concern for his mental health.

Why did Antonio Brown not return? 


According to the league's official website, Brown felt he was too injured to play so he refused to go in the game when Arians asked him to