Arnold Schwarzenegger has followed the same morning routine.

Written by: Vasantha

Schwarzenegger shared what he does every day to keep himself active at the age of 75.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been crushing his goals since the mid-1970s, rising from the top of the podium at the most exclusive contests in the world of competitive bodybuilding to headline billing in Hollywood films.

While his success has been the product of a variety of variables, Schwarzenegger attributes at least some of his focus and determination to sticking to the same daily regimen over the years.

"Every morning, I brew coffee and feed the dogs, Whiskey, and Lulu," he said in a recent message. "I check my emails and read a couple of newspapers as I drink my coffee.

After I finish my coffee, I ride my bike to the gym, exercise, and then eat breakfast. That's the first time of day that I allow myself to think."

"It's been like this my entire life," he added. "Reg Park, the former Mr. Universe who played Hercules in the movies, was my initial inspiration. However, having that spark of motivation was not the source of my success. It was my daily ritual."

The seven-time Mr. Olympia winner noted that incorporating this type of repetitious consistency into your everyday life can be difficult at first, and that the goal is to eventually reach the point where it becomes natural and you do it without thinking.

 "You need discipline until your habit becomes so automatic that you don't think about it," he explained. "Because your mind will fight with itself once you start thinking."