Arizona Cardinals embarrassed in loss to San Francisco 49ers in Mexico City

BY priya


Who are the 49ers playing in Mexico City? 

the Arizona Cardinal The NFL's 2022 Mexico game pits the San Francisco 49ers against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.

Did the 49ers play in Mexico? 

Garoppolo threw four touchdown passes, including two each to Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle, and the 49ers won their third straight game by blowing past the Arizona Cardinals 38-10 on Monday night in Mexico City.

Why is Arizona playing in Mexico City? 

"It was strictly because of altitude," San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan told NBC Sports Bay Area. "We've had to play in Denver before, but up here in Colorado Springs it's 2,000 feet high almost, which is exactly how Mexico City is. So, that is a big deal."

When was the last time the 49ers played in Mexico?

The teams met in Mexico City a little more than 17 years after they played in the first regular-season NFL game played in a country outside the U.S. The Cardinals beat the 49ers 31-14 on Oct. 3, 2005, in front of 103,467 fans. The stadium's capacity has been reduced since that time for NFL games.

What NFL teams play in Mexico?

Six years after the first MNF game ever played outside of the United States, and three years after the last game played in Mexico, the 49ers and Cardinals will join the Raiders (1-1) as the only teams to play multiple games in Mexico.

Where in Mexico is the NFL game?

NFL returns to Mexico City for 49ers-Cardinals "Monday Night Football" contest at Estadio Azteca.

Is the NFL big in Mexico? 

According to Forbes, the NFL is Mexico's second most popular sport, and the country is home to the league's second-largest fan base outside of the United States.