At the World Cup on Friday, the United States men's team tied England without scoring.


26/ 11/2022

Impressive performance from Squad USA?

One of its youngest World Cup teams ever in its comeback this year after failing to qualify for the competition in 2018.

The British team

The favorites to win the entire tournament, so it's especially impressive given that.

Has the US ever lost to England in the World Cup?

The men's U.S. squad has never lost to England throughout the competition, a World Cup record.

Who won the USA vs England World Cup?

In the 2022 World Cup the two teams played out an entertaining goalless draw.

Who is England captain 2022?

The World Cup match between England and the United States on Friday will see England captain Harry Kane available to play.

Who is the captain of the US World Cup team?

Tyler Adams was elected by the USMNT as the team captain for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

How many times has England played the USA in the World Cup?

The United States and England had only played twice in World Cup history.

Has the USA ever beaten England in soccer?

The United States has indeed defeated England.  The Americans' most illustrious triumph was over the English.