Kayla Harrison's agent and Dominance MMA founder Ali Abdelaziz


26/ 11/2022

Abdelaziz made a particularly extravagant ?

The claim regarding Harrison and her remarkable run of form.

Ben Askren and made a bold statement

He  would give up mixed martial arts if Harrison's streak of victories ever ended.

The 1980 musical "Fame,"

The tweet was in response to Kayla Harrison's shocking defeat by Larissa Pacheco. 

Spinning Backfist posted

The PFL World Championship 2022 

Featured the two lightweights competing against one another.

It was their third encounter?

Pacheco had dropped both of their prior fights, making Harrison the clear favorite.

Championship round?

Although Pacheco finished strong by winning the championship rounds.

The first 3 rounds?

Harrison was still her typical dominating self in the first three rounds.

Harrison suffered his first career defeat

At the hands of Pacheco, who won the unanimous decision.

$1Million bonus 

She also won the title and a sizable $1 million bonus to go along with it.