About Alan Jackson

By priyanka


What is the meaning of the song The Older I Get?

" the song is about my relationship with my Dad and feeling that I was kind of betrayed by him and all these bad feelings going on.

Who wrote Alan Jackson's The Older I Get? 

The reflective sentiments could be autobiographical, and while the charmingly traditional new song was written by Adam Wright, Hailey Whitters and Sarah Allison Turner, it was J

Does Alan Jackson sing The Older I Get? 

The Country Hall of Famer is known to be a kind man. He sang “The Older I Get” without taking credit despite participating in songwriting and turning Nashville's best into a customized piece.

What was Alan Jackson's first number one hit? 

I'd Love You All Over Again Thirty-one years ago today (March 9, 1991) was a big day for Alan Jackson: It was on that date that the singer earned his first No

What does it mean when someone says your of age? 

being old enough for full legal rights and responsibilities. See full dictionary entry for age.

What does the saying of old mean? 

in the past

What is the saying you're only as old?

We are all familiar with the saying "You're only as old as you feel". As Irish-born artist Francis Bacon said "I will never be an old man.

What does old has been mean? 

Word forms: plural has-beens. countable noun. If you describe someone as a has-been, you are indicating in an unkind way that they were important or respected in the past, but they are not now.