Your brain occasionally needs to be exercised. 



Improve your bodily awareness.

Spend five minutes lying down with your eyes closed or gently focused on your body, paying special attention to each body part and how it functions, starting with your head and moving down to your hands and feet.

How to improve brain function

Regularly engaging the mind heightens awareness and consciousness, enabling us to control our emotions more effectively and experience happy feelings.

The connection between the mind and body

Exercise may relax the mind and relieve stress and tension, just as mindfulness can do for the body's muscles.

Drink and eat sensibly.

Fruits and water are essential for your brain's health and optimal cognitive performance.

Every now and then, it's important to show down.

You may maintain your peace of mind by taking your time, enjoying a decent cup of tea or coffee, and spending some time by yourself without engaging in any activity.

You should be conscious of your thoughts.

Be conscious of your thoughts and make an effort to quiz yourself critically.

keeping a gratitude diary

Keeping a journal is a fantastic method to keep your memory and brain active.


Meditation improves concentration and lowers the risk of getting diseases like dementia or Alzheimer's.