External photography techniques for beginning photographer



For clearer pictures and less camera shake, learn how to hold your camera properly.

Start shooting in Raw for better-quality photographs because Raw is a JPEG-like file format.

Simply put, the term "posture triangle" refers to the three most crucial exposure factors: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Use the white posture to make your target the focus when shooting for trace.

A narrow aperture should be chosen when shooting a situation where you want everything to be in full focus.

To give you greater control without being unduly complicated, aperture priority mode and shooter purity mode are employed.

Do not be scared to raise the ISO at the appropriate time and location.

Make it a routine to check and reset your ISO setting before you begin taking pictures.

Use caution while utilizing your camera's flash because doing so at night or in dim light can produce some unexpected results.

White balance adjustment techniques Different types of light have various properties.