Kelly Clarkson Performs the Christmas Song She Wrote During Her Divorce

The sad song she sings. During her performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson sang an original Christmas track that was inspired by her divorce, which was a tribute to her father.

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The talk show host’s Kellyoke song on Tuesday, December 13, was “Merry Christmas (To the One I Used to Know).” With music director Jason Halbert playing the piano, Clarkson, 40, performed the Christmas tune. 

Kelly Clarkson Performs the Christmas Song She Wrote During Her Divorce

During her separation from Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson wrote a ballad about the split of her son River Rose, 8 years old, and she was wearing the red Needle & Thread dress that she wore for the People’s CThe ballad appears on the holiday album When Christmas Comes Around, which was released in 2021. They have a daughter River Rose, 8, and a son Remington, 6, and they announced their divorce in June 2020. Their divorce was finalized this year after a lengthy legal battle.

As part of Clarkson’s 2021 Christmas Special for NBC, also titled When Christmas Comes Around, she drew attention to the downtrodden nature of the track in her own words.

Kelly Clarkson Performs the Christmas Song She Wrote During Her Divorce

During the holidays, the American Idol winner said that there aren’t many holiday songs for those who are lost or just plain sad. This song is about the holidays, and they come with a wide range of emotions. I am going, to be honest with you: I was crying my face off when I wrote this next song, which happens even at Christmas time. My kids just went to sleep, and I was going through it, really having a hard time.”

Here is a look at some of the blended family photos that Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock shared ahead of their split The Texas native has been open about coping with her feelings about her divorce through music.

According to Clarkson, the whole divorce happened, so he needed to write it down. And then he was wondering whether he would release the song since being angry at the situation would make you angry at the time. So, some of the songs, definitely cover the gamut of emotions; there’s everything on the album, so I have to say, there’s something for everyone on it. In a way, it’s like the arc of a relationship, because it’s so beautiful and sweet in the beginning, and it evolves over time. And sometimes it does not evolve according to your expectations.”

Kelly Clarkson Performs the Christmas Song She Wrote During Her Divorce

As she recorded at a breakneck pace due to the struggles in her personal life, she experienced a surge of creativity.

During the separation process between my ex and me, the singer recounted in an interview with the outlet, “There were many emotions I felt. It was hard, but it was not the end of the world.” Yesterday, my producer and I were laughing because I was like, “Remember when we wrote 25 songs in a week? A lot of those songs are on the album, which I literally wrote nearly two years ago.”

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While Clarkson was still going through the process of separating from her ex, she wasn’t able to release new music. After that, she told her label, “I will not be able to comment on this until I’ve gone through it myself,” which has taken her some time to figure out. That is one of the reasons why we have been doing a lot of Christmas-related stuff in the last two years – because I was like, ‘Well, that’s happy! ’” choice Awards on December 11.

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